The ALAS Project (Application of Lean in the Health Area) in Pharmacy of Santa Casa de Limeira

  • Rafael Massaaki Passos Kondo Campinas State University
  • Caroline Almeida Pegoraro Campinas State University
Keywords: Lean, Health Care, Santa Casa, Pharmacy, Public Hospital


The ALAS project - Application of Lean in the Health Area - aims at the application of the Lean philosophy and its tools in the pharmacy sector of Santa Casa in Limeira. The pharmacy is the place that receives, stocks and redistributes the medicines that are sent to the Hospital. LEAN is a set of practices and philosophies that consist of continuously promoting waste reduction. Several cycles are performed so that the positive and negative points are analyzed and improved with each cycle. Therefore, the project should analyze all the processes performed at the pharmacy from receipt to distribution to the other areas of Santa Casa and seek to organize them, with improvements. The project intends to make the Santa Casa Pharmacy more organized and can make requests and transgressions with less waiting time for the recipient, less errors of requests. In this way, Santa Casa, as well as pharmacy and other sectors, and especially the population that uses the hospital, benefit.


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