The Experience of the Project of Qualification and Professional Improvement (Second Edition) in Limeira-SP

  • Caroline Almeida Pegoraro Campinas State University
  • Rafael Massaaki Passos Kondo Campinas State University
Keywords: Education, Courses, Engineering, Volunteering


The second edition of Training and Professional Development Program (PROCAP) Limeira was a project developed by Engineers Without Borders - Limeira which impacted CREAS (Specialized Reference Center for Social Assistance) and State School Professor Paulo Chaves students. The project’s idea was inspired in another project proposed by Engineers Without Borders - Viçosa. During the PROCAP, two diffusion scientific courses related to engineering with a workload of 16 hours, each, were done. The first course was aimed to teach the students about Applied Logistics and quality control. The second one was about Work Safety, a technical visit was made in an industry located in the interior of São Paulo to contextualize and practice all the subjects teaches in the classrooms. The project’s structure was based in classes, lectures, coffees and didactic dynamic which allowed the students’ approximation with the university. Furthermore, both courses’ students were awarded with a participant certificate from UNICAMP, which added value to theirs respectives curriculums vitae.