The "Cisterns in Schools" Project at the Municipal School of Primary Education Desembargador Amorim Lima

  • Bárbara Passos Triginelli Federal University of Lavras
  • Romeu Amadeus Scarponi Piccolotto University of Sao Paulo
  • Bruno Nogueira Fukasawa University of Sao Paulo
  • Alexandre Barreira Alves University of Sao Paulo
  • Ligia Monteiro da Silva University of Sao Paulo
Keywords: Cistern, Rain Water, Integral Education


The article describes the Cisterns in Schools project, developed with 6th year students of E.M.E.F. Amorim Lima School, placed in the metropolitan zone of São Paulo. With the objective of presenting theoretical themes seen in class in a practical way, several activities were developed and carried out, among games, modeling and experimentation. The goal was to develop concepts presented in the water theme school's study guide, and to elaborate an engineering project of rainwater collection system, which was constructed at the end. With a capacity of 2,500l, the system was built after the project was designed by the school students and ESF-SP volunteers. With the purpose of cleaning school’s floors, it was estimated that the system will save approximately 86,400 l at the end of one year.


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