• João Paulo Melo da Silva Federal University of Lavras
  • Julia de Carvalho Silveira Federal University of Lavras
  • Caroline Eloi Oliveira da Silva Federal University of Lavras
  • Eduardo Lordelo Volpato Federal University of Lavras
Keywords: Toys library, School, Education


Toys library are places that have playful activities where children have an opportunity to have fun and express themselves in a safe and educational way. Engineers Without Borders sought to bring to the Guilherme Henrique de Carvalho Municipal School, an institution that serves about 300 children between 3 and 12 years of age living in needy communities in the region, an opportunity to have a leisure space for their students. Aiming to adapt a little used area of the school in a toy library, a series of actions was carried out between the months of 2017 and May 2018 for the implantation of the place. The toys were separated through the Christmas campaign of Engineers Without Borders core Lavras and the community surrounding the school. The place went through a revitalization, tending to retire, with appropriate power cables and redone to a painting of walls with details of educational figures made with natural paints. The inauguration of the toy library was made on May 11, 2018, during a civic hour of the school, in the presence of the parents of a large part of the students and was evaluated positively by them. With the place ready and with the games and toys available, the children have a safe place to carry out extraclass activities.


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