Free Technical Support for Hyposuiting People in the Process of Usucapion

  • Renata Dantas Ataliba Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Norte
  • Thalita Dayane de Melo Mendes Sabino University Center of Rio Grande do Norte
  • Jullian de Souza Araújo Potiguar University
  • Maria Rosilene Ferreira Silva Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
Keywords: Usucaption, Public Defense, NGO


The NGO Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras Núcleo Natal started its activities in 2013, in 2016 created the Project that receives the name of Public Defender in virtue of the partnership signed between the NGO and the Public Defender of the State of Rio Grande do Norte. The purpose of this project is to provide technical support to people who are underutilized and are in the process of using it. The methodology follows the sequence of receipt of the demand of the Defensoria of people to be benefited, organization of the team to carry out the technical visit, contact with the defense for Transportation of the members to the place, survey (in loco measurements with GPS and track), elaboration of sketch and report and, finally, the issuance of the Signature of Technical Responsibility - ART. The purpose of this article is to produce a survey of data on the projects carried out so far by the NGO in conjunction with the Public Defender, as well as to exemplify the flow of activities used by the team to deliver the project. The data show that until the year 2018, the NGO delivered 18 projects, and it has a total of 19 in progress, and 42 pending.


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