Alternative Engineering for Another Economy:

The Agroecological Experience of ESF-SP and MST

  • Ligia Monteiro da Silva University of Sao Paulo
  • Vitor Tonzar Chaves University of Sao Paulo
  • Lucca Pérez Pompeu University of Sao Paulo
Keywords: Agroecology, Responsible Consumption, Popular Engineering, Food Sovereignty


This paper presents the project Agroecological City, developed in partnership with the Landless Workers' Movement in order to enable production and commercialization processes of agroecological food at the Metropolitan Region of Sao Paulo. By connecting the rural settlement called Sao Luiz Sustainable Development Project (located in the metropolitan area's green belt, at the city of Cajamar) and the Responsible Consumption Group created at the State of Sao Paulo Union of Architects, the project aims at contributing to the food security of the population and to the rural sustainable development. The results obtained so far show that the project has been able to consolidate a commercialization alternative that is capable of distributing organic food at an acceptable price. Furthermore, it has been noted that the awareness of the consumers and the consequently transformation of their habits are of great value to enable this kind of system. This, in turn, is especially valuable to the implementation of a social civil society agenda directed towards food sovereignty. In sum, the Sao Paulo Chapter of the Engineers Without Borders believes in the construction of projects with the Landless Workers' Movement, which develops agroecology as a production system to achieve food sovereignty of the Brazilian population.


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