A Program Template which Brings Viçosa Closer to Labor Market and Bilds Bridges to University

  • Karina C. M. Silva Federal University of Viçosa
  • Arthur Campos Federal University of Viçosa
  • Sabrina Marcelino Amoglia Federal University of Viçosa
  • Pedro Henrique Teófilo Gandini Federal University of Viçosa
  • Nina Junqueira Ferracioli Federal University of Viçosa
Keywords: Food Processing, Education, Entrepreneurship


In Viçosa, a city in the State of Minas Gerais, 34 in every hundred people earn less than half minimum wage for each person in the family. Personal improvement (through courses, for example) and entrepreneurship are some alternatives to build up and increase the family budget. In 2016, PROCAP, project of Viçosa’s ESF center, started their food processing classes, in order to develop students which already have some experience with the subject or which want to open a business. Since then, approximately seventy students were directly affected, and we aim to impact thirty more until the ending of this semester. Ten classes are provided over a semester, teaching the concepts of good manufacturing practice, conservation, processing of products from animal and plant origin, packaging and entrepreneurship. Concomitantly, we are planning to go beyond the actual teaching ways by the end of this semester, giving the students a chance to develop further in the project. This will be concluded through the offer of specific trainings, increasing of the scale of production and sale in regional market, enhancing the partnership with the city hall. The project objective is to provide food processing technical classes to the community, encourage income generation through knowledge and to bring Viçosa’s citizens closer to academic community.


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